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Your Credit Score

Your FICO® credit score can be your single most important asset—or opposing barrier —when securing a loan or other form of credit.

Credit Myths

Credit Myths

Credit is a complex subject, and like most complex subjects, it's often misunderstood. As a result, many people learn information about credit that simply isn't true. Credit specialists at NCC are trained to help you navigate the myths and understand the truth about your credit.

  • Paying off your collections will help your credit score

  • Once you pay a collection, charge-off, judgment, or tax lien it no longer impacts your credit score

  • Using your credit cards a lot will increase your payment history and raise your score

  • Multiple credit inquiries pulled at one time in the same industry will not negatively impact your credit score

  • Consumers have just 3 credit scores

  • It is better if an account goes late occasionally than if it goes bad altogether
    Paying off your auto loan, student loan, or mortgage loan will help improve your situation

  • Paying off your major credit cards and leaving the small store cards maxed is the better choice

  • You should pay off one revolving account at a time

  • Paying a large up-front credit repair fee will get you better service

  • After 7 years, a negative item on your report will disappear and will no longer lower your score

  • Having a third party, such as a consumer credit counseling firm, manage your finances will help improve your credit score more quickly

  • For corrections, the burden of proof lies with the consumer

  • “My divorce decree states that my spouse is responsible for that debt, so any future negative items will not impact my credit score”

  • Your collection was sold, so the original one will be erased

  • You need to contact your creditors rather than the bureaus every time you think there is a mistake on your credit report

  • The credit bureaus, creditors and lenders are your friends!

  • You have only 1 credit score

  • A higher salary will improve your credit score

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